Murder, Blood, and GIRLS KISSING – Oh my!!

This month has been incredibly busy – I’ve been doing exactly one…

This month has been incredibly busy – I’ve been doing exactly one million projects, so I’m sorry I haven’t kept up this blog much!


Murder-You-Vote is going on strong. This week, it’s voting time again, so now is a great time to binge-read the story so far and vote for who dies next! All voters this round are entered to win a digital copy of Lyssa Chiavari’s “Fourth World,” an amazing YA sci-fi novel that was my first Awesome Book You Should Be Reading of 2016. Voting ends on Tues night so hurry!


Give me a quarter, and I’ll tell you a story!

I have launched a Patreon, and the first content being released for my patrons will be coming out on Monday. It’s going to be two short stories, both with “Blood” in the title. (Mwahaha!) “Blood in the Library” is a flash fic piece about a teenage monster hunter, and “Blood in the Water” is a dark retelling of The Little Mermaid, proposing an alternate ending to the already-dark classic tale.

I did a mini interview with the illustrious C. M. Lloyd about f/f fiction and my own pair of lesbian dragons in “The Last Guardians.” She’s been having great discussions about f/f lit on her blog all month with tons of interviews with great authors and recommendations for books. Go check it out! 🙂