Interview with Kate Ledbetter: Author of Anagnorisis

Today I get to share with you an interview with Kate Ledbetter,…

Today I get to share with you an interview with Kate Ledbetter, author of Anagnorisis, an awesome horror novella I’ve helped edit and produce. It’s been a long time coming, but the book is finally out on Amazon! I hope you all will check it out, and get to know Kate and her work a little below.

Anagnorisis CoverSo, as a horror author I’m sure you get asked this a lot, but… Do you watch a lot of horror movies? What are some of your favorite horror books and movies?

I watch horror constantly. Aside from stand up comedy and some truly terrible reality tv (think Ghost Adventures and Finding Bigfoot less than Real Housewives) it’s almost all I watch anymore. That said, I’ve found that when you insist on seeing a glut of a certain genre, you’re bound to find more marginal and frankly bad movies than amazing ones. Especially when you’re also a part of that genre and are a bit more critical than most viewers.

Many popular horror movies, I just don’t find enjoyable. In particular, I’m really not fond of movies or books that rely on mental illness or someone else’s culture to provide the scary elements of the movie. If what’s supposed to be scary is that someone the audience thought was a reliable narrator was in fact suffering from a mental illness, to me that’s a bad movie and lazy writing. I’m also not into horror that depends too heavily on gore for the sake of gore rather than building suspense with a solid plot and compelling details.