Polycule – Sandoval, Part 3 – Rogue One

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I could talk to him for hours, he was so fun.

Sandoval trimmed his beard for our third date. Not just trimmed – basically shaved the entire thing off. I was trying very hard not to pout about it… He was so cute before, all fluffy and soft. Now he was not. “I read on your profile that you don’t like beards,” he said, petting his sharp cactus chin. “So I thought I’d change it.”

Both of my boys have beards. I have no idea where on my profile it said I don’t like them. It really depends on the person, to be honest, and how they maintain their facial hair. But in general, beards are fine. I am pro-beard. I’d rather cuddle someone with a soft face than someone with scruffy stubble scratching at me.

the sexiest thing I will ever post on this site

Our date was Panera first, then a movie after. I was spending quality time with my beloved – Panera paninis, that is – and then… I was going to meet one of his friends. Originally, multiple friends were going to be at the movies, but it had been reduced to just one. Thank God. Meeting all of his people at once would have probably overwhelmed me.

On our second date, he had explained that he had three guy friends he’d known since elementary school. They had physically rescued him from his abusive household and took care of him when his health issues caused him to rely heavily on other people. They had a bond lasting thirty years and were basically his family.

So, y’know, totally no pressure or anything.

Polycule: Sandoval – Baconator Fries Solve Everything

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NOTE: Sorry this episode is so late, and so disjointed. My life’s been a bit of a mess recently, and on top of that – Sandoval’s story is an emotional one for me, as you’ll see in this episode and the next two. Please have patience!!

Did I mention Sandoval was ten years older than me? He officially has the biggest age gap of anyone I’ve ever dated. I was intimidated by the writing career he’d already had, his vocabulary and experiences I didn’t share. But I found him fascinating. He was charming and silly, went along with all of my weirdness – from making him download Snapchat to listening to me gush about every cool thing I was reading or playing.

I tend to flirt by teasing people, so of course I teased him about being old any chance I got.

“Be careful,” he said once. “I’m not afraid to pull out the ‘you’re picking on an old blind guy’ card.”

He introduced me to Fallen London, a game that let me play as a nonbinary gender, or as the game called it a “Person of Mysterious and Indistinct Gender.” I absolutely loved this, and love Fallen London for having an inclusive nonbinary option. Sandoval began referring to me by my Fallen London gender in real life, which was hilarious and amazing.


Sandoval was so much fun to talk to, bounce ideas off of, engage in nerdy debates out of nowhere with. I talked about him all the time, and our conversations bled over into my relationships with everyone else. I endured a lot of teasing for this. I was so excited about this new person I’d found and every amazing, hilarious thing that he did or said or thought.

He was a very bright spot during a couple of heartbreaking weeks. I finally severed ties with my best friend, and I was… lost. And mourning. Countless times every day I’d pick up my phone to text her or forward her a meme… and then remember we were over. Chris works nights and Cute Boy lives 40 minutes away, and there were a lot of nights when I just needed to be around someone so I didn’t spend all night crying on my couch.