Polycule – Sandoval, Part 3 – Rogue One

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I could talk to him for hours, he was so fun.

Sandoval trimmed his beard for our third date. Not just trimmed – basically shaved the entire thing off. I was trying very hard not to pout about it… He was so cute before, all fluffy and soft. Now he was not. “I read on your profile that you don’t like beards,” he said, petting his sharp cactus chin. “So I thought I’d change it.”

Both of my boys have beards. I have no idea where on my profile it said I don’t like them. It really depends on the person, to be honest, and how they maintain their facial hair. But in general, beards are fine. I am pro-beard. I’d rather cuddle someone with a soft face than someone with scruffy stubble scratching at me.

the sexiest thing I will ever post on this site

Our date was Panera first, then a movie after. I was spending quality time with my beloved – Panera paninis, that is – and then… I was going to meet one of his friends. Originally, multiple friends were going to be at the movies, but it had been reduced to just one. Thank God. Meeting all of his people at once would have probably overwhelmed me.

On our second date, he had explained that he had three guy friends he’d known since elementary school. They had physically rescued him from his abusive household and took care of him when his health issues caused him to rely heavily on other people. They had a bond lasting thirty years and were basically his family.

So, y’know, totally no pressure or anything.