Dragons & Destruction!

The day (week?) has finally come! I am, officially, a published author.…

The day (week?) has finally come! I am, officially, a published author.

"I read somewhere that nothing beautiful is perfect until it is destroyed." - J. Lee Ellorris
A quote from my poem “Destruction.”

My short story, “The Last Guardians” was released in the solarpunk dragon anthology Wings of Renewal yesterday, and my poem “Destruction” is coming out in Volume 2 of Polychrome Ink tomorrow! 

This is ridiculously exciting, especially since I am getting print copies of both of these to sit on my shelf and look pretty. And I may or may not take them down and lovingly stroke my name in print. 😛

If you feel like checking either of them out, let me know what you think! Outside of fanfiction and private beta reading, I’ve never really had my work out there like this, standing on its own. I’d like words of glowing praise to be lavishly rained upon me, please. 😉

So what’s next?

Nanowrimo, of course! I have been working on a novella. Or rather, several novellas. I keep starting one, then quickly finding the story isn’t working, or I need to wait and think on it some more, then trying on another one. I’m trying to embrace this as part of the illustrious writing process. (Trying).