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Under the name Jaylee James

Circuits n Slippers2

Circuits & Slippers is an anthology of retold fairy tales with a science fiction twist. I did all of the editing and bookmaking for this one. It was released in paperback and kindle unlimited in September 2016.


A piece of mine, “Anachronism” was featured in the Queer Sci Fi flash fiction anthology Flight, as part of their annual contest. It was released September 2016.


Murder You Vote is a serialized horror story about a group of strangers at a ski lodge for Valentine’s Day. As of 09/2016, it is on hiatus, but current chapters are free to read on wattpad.


Two shorts – “Blood in the Library” and “Blood in the Water” – were released through Patreon, free for anyone to download. Feb 2016.

Choosing You Cover

Choosing You, a time-travel romance short story with a trans protagonist, was released in 11/2015.

Under the name J. Lee Ello’

polychrome ink

My prose poem “Destruction” is featured in Volume Two of Polychrome Ink, which came out 10/2015.


My short story “The Last Guardians,” about a pair of elderly lesbian dragons who are the last of their kind, is one of over twenty stories featured in the solarpunk dragon anthology Wings of Renewal from Incandescent Phoenix Books, which came out 10/2015.


The free October 2014 Vitality minizine included my short story “Quiet Night In” about a nonbinary asexual college student who accidentally frees a centuries-old demon from a magic spellbook.

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