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Murder-You-Vote is a collaborative effort between five authors, who each created a character and wrote the story together.

Jaylee James

Creator and organizer, as well as the writer behind Kenna and Jason.

Jaylee is a bisexual writer, story curator, and overall geek from Kansas City. Her time travel romance short, Choosing You, is available on Amazon, but she is best known as the senior editor Vitality Magazine.

August Ardeno

The writer behind Zach.

August is a queer writer out of Pennsylvania. His writing is best described as fantasy laced with sci-tech, pain, and queer characters. He lives for all things Halloween-y and spooky. Check out his tumblr at

K. Lighty

The writer behind Kandace.

K is an aromantic agender individual who spends a lot of time thinking about the implications of a society of killer ducks. They also love writing, pokemon, and cute things.

Kate Ledbetter

The writer behind Audrey.

Kate is a gender fluid lesbian out of Louisville. Working towards being healthy and writing more actively. Check out their tumblr at

Lia Wolff

The writer behind Emma.

Lia is a bisexual working mom, writer, witch, and sometimes-academic. She writes a variety of genres and styles, mostly speculative fiction. You can find some of her short fiction on her blog, and some nonfiction in Conjurings Fantasy Magazine. Check out her website at