Love & Bubbles

A cloud of bubbles with decorative typography stating "Love & Bubbles"
please note: logo/title art not final!

Love & Bubbles will be a romance anthology under the sea!

Love & Bubbles will feature love stories centered around underwater biodomes, submarines, alien planets entirely covered by water, sea monsters, selkies, mermaids, water witches,  river spirits, and more!

The kickstarter campaign to fund the anthology will begin February 1st, 2018. Anticipated publication (and distribution of rewards) will happen in August 2018!

With pieces by…

Ellen Denton
Evvan Burke
Sarah Hollowell
V. S. Holmes
Alyn Spector
Maggie Derrick
Lia Cooper
Victoria Zelvin
Minerva Cerridwen
Riley Sidell
Sonni de Soto

And potentially up to 6 bonus stories by authors we have yet to announce! 

We hope you’ll join us in February to support the Kickstarter!