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Call for Submissions


We received 67 submissions altogether! Responses will go out by the end of January – tentatively aiming for January 20th. I’m really excited to read through them and make this anthology the best it can be.

Love & Bubbles will be a romance anthology under the sea! Submissions will be open from August through December. Decisions will be sent out by the end of January, and the Kickstarter campaign will run in February. Anticipated publication (and distribution of rewards) will happen in August 2018.

Please read through the following call for submissions about what we’re looking for, how this will work, and your rates & rights, then submit your piece at the very bottom of this page.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for love stories centered around: underwater biodomes, submarines, scuba diving, alien planets entirely covered by water, sea monsters, selkies, mermaids, water witches, Neptune/Poseidon, lost underwater civilizations, ghost ships, and more!

LGBTQ+ characters more than welcome! I, the editor, am super queer and want to feature a wide variety of pairings, from lesbian poly mermaid triads to asexual nonbinary scuba divers in love to allocishet scientists in an underwater habitat. Ideally, the anthology will not feature one gender pairing over all the others and will showcase love in all its forms.

Think UNDER the sea, not ON the sea. Pirates, age of sail, and nautical tales will be rarely accepted, as the anthology’s focus is what lurks beneath the waves, not those who stay on top of them. Use your creativity and imagination! Send your pirates’ ship crashing down to a magical underwater civilization, or your humans scuba-diving beneath the water. Underwater creatures, like selkies or sea monsters, leaving the water to explore land are a-okay, though. I say “sea” but freshwater is acceptable, too. 😉 Betta fish mermaids, the Loch Ness monster, a ghost haunting the local lake, water nymphs living in a pond… I want it all!

They don’t have to be human. Give me sea monsters in love, or water sprites, or undersea fairies whose garden is a coral reef and live in anemones. Be as wildly creative as you can.

Romance, not erotica. Please keep all stories PG-13. Steamy make-outs or fade-to-black scenes only. I’d prefer the story focus less on the sexual relationship altogether.

“Happy-for-now” endings required. No tragedies, no unhappy endings. Fluff over angst every time. Dead/tragic queer characters will be automatically rejected.

No little mermaid retellings. Mermaids, yes! But no straight up retellings of the little mermaid, please.

Pieces must be under 5,000 words. Prose only – no poetry, comics, or scripts.

The Plan – Important Dates, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This anthology will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign in Feb 2018. Rates of pay are dependent upon the success of the Kickstarter. Please read the information about rights and plans.

I’ve successfully completed one Kickstarter for $6,000 in 2014 for Vitality Magazine, and ran a failed Kickstarter project later that year (which taught me a lot about what works and what doesn’t)*. I’m confident our goals are possible, but there is a degree of uncertainty with any crowdfunded project, so I want to be transparent with you about how things will go. 🙂

I will take submissions from August – December 2017, with all responses going out by the end of January. I’m shooting for 10 pieces, with around 10 more as stretch goals, but depending on length of pieces/page space, these numbers might change.

If your piece is selected for the anthology or as a stretch goal, I ask that you refrain from submitting it elsewhere or posting it online until you receive final word the first week of March. Consider it “shortlisted” until the Kickstarter campaign ends.

The first week of February I will publicly announce the list of pieces along with the opening of the Kickstarter. If you’ve never been part of a Kickstarter campaign, the month that a campaign is running is full of promoting and spreading the word as far as you can! We will do author chats, run author interviews throughout the month, and participate in as much promotional stuff as we can. (Please see the “expectations” section for how much you’ll need to participate in this)

Rates will range from $50 ~ $300 per piece depending on the success of the Kickstarter campaign.

After the Kickstarter ends, you will receive official word about acceptance, rates, a contract, etc. From there, we will work on editing and putting together the anthology. You will be expected to meet deadlines for reviewing and accepting edits that will take place over a 6-month period of time.

My goal for publication is August 2018, though this is obviously subject to change.


During the Kickstarter campaign you’ll participate in author interviews (questions will be provided via email when your piece is accepted), a twitter chat (if you are able), and spread the word about the campaign across your social media. This is how you’re going to get paid, so we need everyone to help! 🙂

You will meet deadlines for reviewing and returning edits. I’ll work with you to set a flexible deadline that can accommodate your schedule, but the deadline still must be adhered to. I reserve the right to refuse publication, even after a contract is signed, if you miss important deadlines. (Which sounds scary, but it just means I won’t let you hold up publication. If you don’t sign off on the edits for your piece in time, your piece just won’t be published.)


Our minimum goal for the Kickstarter is a $50 token rate for each piece.

Stretch goals include raising the rates to 3 cents per word, then 5 cents per word, and capping at 6 cents per word, meaning a maximum of $300 per piece. If a piece’s word count causes it to fall below $50 when switching to cents per word, the author will receive $65, then $85, then $100 minimum with each rate increase.

If a piece has multiple authors, they will split the payment.

If we reach our stretch goals to include illustrations, the rates for illustrators will be $300 per full-page black-and-white illustration in groups of 3 pages from one artist.

All contributors will receive ebook contributor copies and access to ARCs.

If we reach our first stretch goal and beyond, all contributors in US & Canada will receive one physical contributor copy, plus copies of any non-unique physical rewards (buttons, stickers, postcards – that sort of thing). Contributor copies to international backers will require further calculations.

Author copies will be available at lowest minimum rate.

No royalties will be paid.


At the end of January you will receive information about your piece being tentatively accepted, pending the completion of the Kickstarter. If you publish the piece online or submit it elsewhere between the receipt of that notice and beginning of March 2018, you will no longer be eligible for this anthology.

During March 2018 you will be given a contract to sign regarding the following:

Love & Bubbles requests first world English rights to your piece, as well as exclusive rights for a year following publication. After that year, the rights revert back to you, and you are free to do what you wish with the piece.

Love & Bubbles is a print anthology with digital copies. I reserve the right to continue to offer the entire anthology as a whole, either online or in print or available as a free download, but never to share your piece specifically.

Excerpts and quotes up to 500 words from a single piece will be used indefinitely for marketing purposes, appropriately attributed to the author.

[Specifically for Potential Illustrations] – Up to 50% of each illustration can be used indefinitely for marketing purposes.

Submit Your Work

Submissions are now closed. If you have already submitted – you will receive a response by Jan 31st, 2018. If that date has passed and you have not received any answer from me, please send me an email –

*Note: Both Kickstarters I referenced are under my birth name – but they’re still mine. 😉