Love & Bubbles

Dive into these twelve stories of love beneath the waves!

Deep-sea scientific voyages. Mermaids and selkies. Aquatic aliens on other planets. An Amazonian river goddess. Witches and water demons… and more!

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Love & Bubbles is a short fiction anthology of thirteen queer love stories united by an underwater theme. That could mean a dolphin tank at an amusement park, the depths of our ocean, or an alien aquatic realm!

Each story features one or more queer characters, the majority of which are queer women, though there are several nonbinary and male characters as well!

Stories by:

Evvan Burke

Jaylee James (Editor)

Jennifer Lee Rossman (Editor)

Lia Cooper

Lizzie Colt

M. Hollis

Maggie Derrick

Mharie West

Minerva Cerridwen

Riley Sidell

V. S. Holmes

Victoria Zelvin

Note: Stories in this book could be categorized as “sweet” romance. They are all rated PG-13 with no heat level to speak of, meaning there is no on-page sex.

Love & Bubbles

An anthology of queer underwater love stories