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Cast of Characters

Quick shout out: All of the wonderful art for Polycule was done by the illustrious and amazing Maggie Derrick. She writes adorable f/f stories and also is a talented artist, because I guess the magic fairies blessed her with 900 talents the day she was born. Check out her work!



Chris is my life partner and the person I live with.  We're legally married, and have two dogs together. He's a cis man who very recently came out as bisexual (*blasts off the queer confetti cannons!*) He loves board games, video games, tabletop games, (all the games), and his 3D printer. He is a marshmallow wrapped in a care bear. You can read how we got together here.


(as in, "i took er to the store e likes")

Hello! I'm a polyamorous, demi-bisexual, bigender writer and the narrator of this story. I love books, video games, penpals, mail, cute things, and bright colors. Also a big fan of sweet boys, weird girls, and nonbinary cuties. I'm super passionate about politics and queer rights, too.

Cute Boy


Cute Boy is my boyfriend. We started dating in October 2016. He's a really talented musician and audio producer, plus has the cutest cat in the world. He's a cis man who is still figuring out his sexual identity, and he has another cute nonbinary girlfriend who he lives with. He's more like a warm chocolatey center inside an actual bear - very cute but will maul you, also hibernates regularly.

Axe-Throwing Guy, or Axes for short, was a pagan priest (who did axe-throwing as a sport) and owner of sugar gliders who I went on 3.5 dates with in November 2016. Our entire relationship lasted roughly three weeks, and is chronicled in Axes Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

The Ghost was a cute girl who raised bulldogs. We went on one date in November 2016 that apparently didn't go very well, but I'm still not sure why. It's chronicled in the episode "The Ghost" along with several other attempts at dating girls.

Gizzards was a sex-therapist-in-training who wanted to argue with me about every aspect of my LGBTQ+ identity. We went out in November 2016, as chronicled in this post, but it has a strong trigger warning for acephobia, transphobia, and just general queer-phobic assholery. 


Birdy was a very sweet girl who shared my birth name. She came on a little strong, and our two dates were incredibly awkward. You can read about them here: Birdy.


Some dates were so absolutely terrible, they deserve mentions in the Polycule Hall of Shame. Read the following... if you dare. *lightning crack*

In Two Scoops of Nope, I describe the world's worst ice cream date with a guy who would not stop pawing at me and took exactly no hints that I didn't want him to do so. He may have also tried to kiss me. More than once.