Polycule (and more!) on my Patreon!

There’s no new Polycule episode this week, unfortunately. I needed a short break and time to work on other things. Polycule will be back 09/06! Patrons will get access to the new episode 09/04, though. 😉

I finally launched my author Patreon!

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, the idea is you support my work (become a patron!) by paying a small amount each month, like $1 is the minimum. And you get goodies that other readers don’t have access to. The amount is charged on the first of the month and you can cancel easily at any time.

If you love Polycule, there are great goodies for you. At the $1 tier you get to see posts earlier than everyone else. At $5 and above you get an exclusive “Hall of Shame” post that won’t be available anywhere else but on my Patreon. (I’m halfway through one right now where the bad date was…. me. I was terrible. I didn’t even realize I was on a date, that’s how terrible I was.)

There’s also behind-the-scenes sneak previews, voting rights on upcoming content, beta access to WIP chapters, and more. At the highest level, I’ll write a 500-word short fic for you every month based on your suggestions.

All patrons get immediate access to my three standalone shorts, as well as my Handy Dandy Guide for Staying in Touch With Friends (which also covers small talk, apologizing, and sharing the emotional burden between friends). Which, btw, is 4 things for the price of 1 thing, soooo….

I will be immensely grateful!

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