Announcing: Love & Bubbles!

Alright, I’m doing an anthology again! 😛 This time I’ll be running a kickstarter to fund it so I can afford to pay authors solid rates ($50~$300 a story).

Here’s the official page for it.

The theme is “romance under the sea!” Bring me stories about submarines, water nymphs, vengeful sea goddesses, haunted shipwrecks, selkies, sea monsters, and mermaids! Any and all pairings are welcome, be they super straight or super gay or super polyamorous. No erotica, though. Let’s keep these fluffy love stories PG-13.

The kind of things I’m looking for…

An underwater submarine race between two rivals who have to rely on each other and end up smoochin’.

Two scuba-diving adventurers uncover lost magical ruins and get trapped for two days, bringing them closer than they’ve ever been before.

A sea monster has a crush on a human, so they find her cute gifts from the bottom of the ocean and leave them on the beach behind her house… until one day, she catches them.

In the future, humanity lives in underwater biodomes – but couples still fall in love adorably the way they always have.

Polyamorous lesbian water nymphs fall in love with their third… but she lives in a different lake.

Submissions will be open until December 20th. In February 2018 we’ll run a kickstarter to fund the printing and pay the authors. Some super top-tier rewards will include adorable water-themed handicrafts!

More information will be available in the coming months. For now, submit your stories and spread the word!

See the full call for submissions here.

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