Handy-Dandy Guide to Staying in Touch with Friends

Looking to buy the guide for $1 or whatever you feel it’s worth?

This little social skills guide originally started as a twitter thread that affected almost 700 people in a week. So many people liked it that I typed it up into a short guide with extra sections for small talk, apologizing, sharing emotional labor, and more.

I’m completely excited by how many people loved this guide and have been affected by it. I really hope everyone takes these skills and applies them to their friendships. Helping to forge stronger connections between people is amazing.

I wish you the best of luck in all your friendships!

If you’d like to support me and my dogs and my fish, you can buy the nicely typed guide for $1 or whatever you feel it’s worth. It comes in mobi, epub, and pdf format for your convenience 🙂

If you liked this guide, you might enjoy Polycule, the true story of my queer polyamorous dating life.

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