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Hello everyone! After Circuits & Slippers came out in September last year, I took a bit of a break, just several months to de-stress. I kept submitting pieces and working on my writing, but no huge projects or anything demanding. It was really nice… but of course, I am still me and I can’t be away from projects for long. (Must make things!!!! Must!!!)

So of course, I’ve been working on things since New Years, and now it’s time to announce them!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I launched my Polycule project on Wednesday! It’s an ongoing blog series about a polyamorous bigender demi-bisexual person navigating online dating and relationships. The first episode is out and the next one will be up April 19th. 🙂 Go check it out!

twitter logo with a rainbow backgroundNext week, starting Sunday, April 9th, I’ll be on the @TWkLGBTQ account for a week! It’s a #RoCur, or Rotation Curation, where every week they have a different LGBTQ+ person on the account to talk about their life and etc. It’s basically like seeing a slice of dozens of queer people’s lives, one week at a time. And it’s my turn starting Sunday! 😀

I’ve been working on a not-so-secret project this month. After brainstorming about it for weeks, I am finally preparing to launch it. If you can’t tell from all the colors – it’s an LGBTQ+ project. And knowing me… it has to do with writing in some way. 😉 More details will be coming when it’s officially announced April 30th!!

I also caaasually put up a page of my freelance editing rates and information. If you’re looking for an editor, sensitivity reader, or beta reader – consider hiring me! I’m thorough, a little ruthless, and have experience with novels as well as short fiction.

As for those pieces I submitted…. well. *Cough* I am now the proud owner of four more rejection letters to add to my ever-growing lifelong pile. But that’s okay. 🙂 I have a few pieces out right now, and got really good feedback on the ones that were rejected. Hopefully next time they go out, they’ll be much more polished.

In my personal life, I have been getting involved in politics and volunteering. I joined the League of Women Voters for my area, and I signed up to begin training for the Crisis Text Line. I’ve been spreading information about Black and Pink and their sister orgs, which work to pair up LGBTQ+ prisoners with penpals who can write and encourage them. One of those organizations – LGBT Books to Prisoners – helps as well by answering requests from prisoners looking for queer resources and fiction books.

And finally, looking way into the future… I’m going to be speaking at my local library’s free writing conference they host every year, in November. I’ll be speaking on goal-planning and organizing a writing life. It’s based on my Everything’s Hard When You Hate Yourself post as well as the concept behind my Making it Work project. So if you live in the Kansas City area or plan on being in the area in November, you should come say hi! 🙂

So that’s me right now. Anyone else doing anything cool? I’d love to support your projects! Let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out.

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