Stories I Loved – Jan 2017

I haven’t done one of these in a while – it’s long overdue! I’ve been reading a lot of graphic novels recently, trying to get a head start on my overly optimistic 2017 Goodreads reading goal, which is 150 books this year. Despite this, I’m already seven books behind, haha. So clearly the graphic novels aren’t really helping me very much.

"how long has your hat been a live raccoon?"
Please read Lumberjanes.

Anyway, I have fallen instantly in love with Lumberjanes. It’s like if Night Vale had a summer camp. And it has a diverse cast of characters, including an adorable f/f couple, (possibly?) a trans girl (two? trans girls? I’m not done with the series so I’m not 100% on this yet), casual mention of a girl with two dads, and several POC. It’s also just hilarious fun, with dinosaurs who steal glasses, possessed boy scouts, shapeshifters, etc. There’s body diversity, a cute femme girl who is physically the strongest… It is just 1000000 good things in one adorable package, and you need to read it. Now.

Another graphic novel I’ve fallen hard for is Saga. I feel like everyone I know has been singing Saga’s praises, so this might be nothing new to you, but this series, man. It’s really unique and creative, with solid voice and writing. I feel like a lot of times, graphic novels can be really hit or miss on the actual story? At least in my (somewhat limited) experience (mostly in reading anthologies I backed through Kickstarter). But Saga completely blew me away, and I am taking the rest of the series v e r y   s l o w l y   because I don’t want it to go by too fast.

Gameplay of Papers, Please

I’ve also been playing this game called Papers, Please. It’s an easy point-and-click game in a pixelated retro style, where you work at a border checkpoint in a fictional country that looks suspiciously like Soviet Russia. You have to make decisions about who to let into the country, while maintaining the health and safety of your family. Will you aid revolutionary groups, knowing it puts your family at risk? Or will you take bribes to send more people to jail in order to buy your sick son the medicine he needs? I got drawn into this game fast and spent hours playing it before I realized time was even passing.

What have you been reading and playing recently? Any amazing stories catch your attention? 

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