Coming Soon: Polycule

Coming April 2017

Announcing… Polycule, a blog series/podcast revolving around the true story of a polyamorous, queer person dating and doing life.

Wait, what?

I am a polyamorous, demi-bisexual, bigender person living in the midwest USA. Nonbinary, non-monogamous, and not that into sex. Married, has a boyfriend, dates other people, likes kissing. Etc. Oh, also struggles with anxiety, depression, and recovering from trauma/abuse.

I started online dating (again) back in October 2016, and at least 20 people on twitter asked me to write more about my experiences than the tidbits I was sharing in 140 characters. So… I decided to go for it.

What’s a polycule though?

“Polycule” is a cutesy term in the polyamorous community for the extended network of all the people you are involved with, the people they are involved with, the people those are involved with, etc. Also called “poly constellations” or “poly networks.”

Isn’t this… really personal?

Why yes it is. All names and identifying details will be changed for safety’s sake unless that person tells me they don’t care. I hope to represent each person and situation honestly and not use it as just venting/bashing these people. I also hope to represent myself candidly, and let people see the Truth(tm) behind this lifestyle, these identities, etc. At least a snapshot, through one lens.

Why publish what is essentially a diary of your dating life?

Well, for one thing, dating stories are hilarious.

But also, the intersection of all of my identities, and how people interact with those identities, and how my life plays out in the context of those identities… I think that’s an important story to tell. I know that I’ve never read a fictional character who shared every label I have. I’ve never met a person in real life who has all of them, either, and even finding someone with two or three that match is very rare.

We have stories about nonbinary people, or polyamorous bisexuals, or demisexuals with depression. But I don’t know that there are many (if at all) that combine every element of my life, and I’d like to give a voice to that particular blend of awesome.

So you’re just going to … tell us about people you dated?

That, and also my interactions with people through online dating, and how my identity is evolving based on life experiences, and what it’s like to live under the orange cheetoh and be everything that I am.

I’m also hoping to do discussion posts, and offer Q&A’s sometimes. Which, by the way, if you have any questions you already want to ask about my personal life, shoot me an email or message me on twitter. Be as nosy as you’d like – I’ll make your question anonymous. If you’re super scared and want to be very anon, use this anonymous contact form:

Polycule will launch in (very) late March / early April, and will be posting weekly after that point. I hope you check it out! 🙂


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