So What Now?

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“What now? Cuddle me, of course!”

With Circuits & Slippers finally out of my hands into The Real World (aaahhh!!!), what am I doing next? I’ve been working on the anthology more or less nonstop since January, and I’m excited to finally have time to pursue other projects.

I am actually in the middle of pitching a few projects. One is a Secret Videogame Project (yes: videogame!) I am pitching to a mobile gaming company, which I can’t super share much about right now (especially since I might not make it). Another is a f/f mermaid story I am submitting to a charity anthology to benefit the Pulse victims (put on by A. V. Sanders) – I wrote it almost three years ago and it is currently being edited with a hefty dose of “Oh my goooosh why was my writing so bad back then.”

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I have also been writing a story called Lodestar, which I’ve been calling #CuteGirlsDoingMagic on twitter. It is a f/f (are you sensing a theme here or…) urban fantasy(ish!) story about teen girls who discover they can do magic by wielding small dark stones (lodestones). It’s got strong female friendship, a bisexual protagonist, and a stuffed unicorn-slash-pegasus with glittering wings. I am pitching it to a magazine, but even if they don’t accept it, I hope to continue working on it. It’s a *ton* of fun. I made an aesthetics board for it, and I hope you can see it’s as MAGICAL as the story itself.

October 20th – 23rd I will be in Denver, Colorado, at Sirens Con! They graciously awarded me a scholarship to attend so I could speak on a panel about asexuality. Their entire team has been *amazing* and I’m so glad I get to go and be a part of this. I hear a rumor there will be copies of Circuits & Slippers in the convention’s bookstore, and I’m very excited. 🙂

Speaking of copies of Circuits & Slippers being for sale! I’ve donated a signed copy and some issues of Vitality to the YA Lifeline Auction happening Oct 7th-16th to raise money for LGBT youth. It’s a great cause, and it’s put on by Lyssa Chiavari, terrific author and amazing human being in general. So mark your calendars! 🙂

And lastly – a brief announcement. I wrote a flash fiction piece for Queer Sci Fi’s flightannual contest, and it was chosen to be featured in the anthology! QSF does a lot of great work connecting and supporting queer SFF authors, and all proceeds will be going to fund the website. A lot of really talented authors are featured here, and it’s definitely worth checking out. My piece, “Anachronism,” is about a world in which futuristic events play out as harmless ghostly apparitions… but our protagonist doesn’t care, because she’s just trying to ask a cute girl out. Grab a copy of Flight on Amazon or let more of your money go to QSF by purchasing at Mischief Corner Books.

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  1. I saw some of your #CuteGirlsDoingMagic tweets but I wasn’t sure what they were about until now. Lodestar totally sounds like my kind of thing so as soon as it’s up somewhere you have to let me know!

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