Announcing: Anagnorisis!

I am happy to be the editor/producer/agent/all-around-cheerleader for one of my best friends’ debut horror novella. It’s creepy, it’s gross, and it’s powerful. If you like sentient blood, revenge stories, or thoughtful horror that takes on real-life issues, you will adore this book. (Also, there is subplot about a lesbian teen working up the courage to come out, if that’s of interest to you.)

We are currently looking for ARC reviewers, and people interested in interviews, guest blogs, or doing a cover reveal for the book. If any of that sounds like you, please fill out this form on google docs. (And thank you!!)

Anagnorisis by Kate Ledbetter comes out April 6th, 2016, and will be available on Amazon.

Blurb below!

A deadly presence torments two families, leaving bloody fingerprints on their lives.

The murder of a young mother haunts the conscience of her surviving son, Tyler, but when the haunting becomes real and threatens the lives of the people closest to him, Tyler may just be the last to know.

Set in the floodwaters of rural Tennessee, Anagnorisis is a novella of real-world horrors carrying over to the supernatural. It’s written in a solid voice, and told with raw, unflinching honesty.

Content Warning: This book contains graphic depictions of domestic violence.

About the Author: Kate Ledbetter is a genderfluid lesbian out of Louisville, constantly working towards being healthy and writing more actively. They can be found on twitter under the name @katefrets.

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