Once there was this princess. Although she wasn’t really a princess. She was heir to nothing but two Toyotas and terrible DNA. Really she was just a girl wearing a pretty dress because it propped up the fantasy that she had value. And a very well-meaning narrative constructed from the magic of repetition and worldview in order to explain her life told her, sly whisper on the moonlight, that if she was very strong, and very good, and very smart, and very kind and generous and compassionate to every person that she met, she would be loved, she would be happy, she would be safe.

Go into the forest, this whisper said. Through the brambles, the mud, the flies, the beasts with teeth who ate little girls like you for breakfast. Go to them and be kind. Be good. Be strong. Take their darkness, hold it high, carry it over the rushing rivers and up the mountains and be better. Always better. Best.

And you will be loved.

And you will be happy.

And you will be safe.

From something I was working on last night that I really wanted to share. 🙂 A brief, unedited bit of a WIP.

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