End of the Year Updates & 2016!

Happy (almost!) New Years Everyone!

I have two quick announcements and a little update about what’s to come in 2016!

choosing-you-lightMy time travel romance short Choosing You is FREE on Amazon during New Years! Close out 2015 or welcome 2016 with a story where choosing to love someone is a literal choice.

I wrote another guest post for the Giftmas blog tour hosted by Rhonda Parrish. It’s about 2016 reading challenges! Go read it here, and enter for a chance to win a huge pack of books from all the participants.

And now for 2016…

2016 is going to be a year of a lot of projects. There’s always Vitality, the LGBT lit mag that I run, but also Circuits and Slippers, the sci-fi fairytale anthology I am co-editing. We hope to take all submissions, edit it, and have it released before the end of 2016. Wish us luck!

I’m also heading a project in coordination with four other writers that I can’t quite share with you yet (tbh, our website isn’t finished), but here’s a hint.

blood on snow

Aside from these projects, I’m taking a sort of much-needed break from writing prose.

Those of you who know me (or follow me on twitter – ha!) know I’ve been having a sort of “crisis of faith” regarding whether or not I want to pursue writing. I love story, and the act of storytelling is what compels me to write, not writing itself. I would probably be just as happy in any other medium – writing was just sort of where I ended up.

I set goals for myself that I wanted to work on my first novel in 2016, but… my heart really isn’t in it, and I feel like I’m writing a novel for the sake of “having written a novel.” Which has led to more panic … Maybe I’m not really a writer after all. What do I have if I don’t have writing? What will I do with my life? Etc. Etc.

So, instead. I’m going to experiment with different story mediums in 2016. The idea is to try as many new things, finish as many projects, just create all kinds of story that ISN’T a novel.

One dream I have, one that I have discounted due to being “unrealistic” or “not marketable” is this idea of having a massive story empire spanning lots of different mediums. But I keep putting it off and taking the safer option of trying to write prose.

In 2016 I’m giving myself permission to pursue that completely unmarketable, unrealistic idea and see where it goes. It’s one year. I have plenty more. I can write a novel in 2017. The world will not end because I didn’t write one now. (And hey, if, in the middle of this, I get the burning passion and drive to write a novel – then I’ll do it.)

And in the meantime… I’m probably going to start all of this with a podcast. (Does it qualify as a podcast if you only plan on making like… 5?) And work on some interactive fiction and/or text-based video games. I have a dozen ideas… and a whole year to work on them!

Happy 2016 everyone! 😉 I’ll see you next year!*


*yes I know that joke is terrible. I don’t care. I love it.


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