Stories I Loved – November 2015

Since I already posted about two awesome books I read this month that you should be reading – Firebird and Other Stories and The Ghost Dragon’s Daughter – this month’s Stories are mostly non-books.

I have four for you this month… and hope you like them as much as I did!

Video Game – Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (Steam)

brokenswodI grew up playing King’s Quest and other such point-and-click adventure games. Back in the 90s, my family would spin the couch around to face my Dad’s computer and me and my brother would take turns sitting in my Dad’s lap and getting to “drive” the game, or we’d sit on the couch shouting out the answers to puzzles and munching popcorn while my mom worked on various craft projects.

Broken Sword is a game from that era, and I’m amazed I’d never played it before. Steam has the Director’s Cut – an up-to-date version with better graphics that’s compatible with modern computers.

brokensword2It’s a murder mystery that starts in Paris with an international assassin who dresses up like clowns and mimes to kill his victims, and winds through Ireland, Syria, and Spain as you find historical clues and run from a conspiracy.

Like the King’s Quest games, there are times when the answer to the puzzles make absolutely no sense (fix a car by using the keys on the hand towel dispenser in the bathroom! But of course!) and it’s good to keep a walkthrough guide handy just in case you get stuck, but it was way fun, with the kind of silly humor and fun storytelling I loved growing up.

And best of all… because of Steam’s Black Friday sales… you can get it for $1.49 until Dec. 1st

Wattpad Serial – Bone Diggers by Tiffany Rose and Alex Tauber (Wattpad)

bone diggers

Bone Diggers sucked me in with its worldbuilding. It imagines a future where video games are covered like major league sports, and immersive mmorpgs can dominate people’s lives to the point of addiction. It follows the protagonist Owen (IRL)/Daniel (in Game) through both real and virtual worlds.

In reality, Owen works as a fact checker for a newspaper and does some private investigator work on the side. In the game, Daniel, his alter-ego, is a member of the thieves’ guild.

I’m not completely caught up yet – there’s 40 chapters and a new one is posted every Friday – but I wound up staying up until five in the morning reading it this weekend, which I think is a sure sign that it belongs on this list. 😉

Also: At least one of the authors is queer, and she has told me that many of the characters are as well (though I haven’t gotten that far yet). So get reading.

Wattpad stories are free to read, and you should definitely give Bone Diggers a shot.

Video Game – Loren the Amazon Princess (Steam)


This is a simple turn-based fantasy RPG with a strong emphasis on story, choices, and romance. You can play as a guy or girl, with many LGBT romance options available. It’s very newbie friendly. If you set it on the easiest setting, you will have no difficulty playing through the storyline.

The storyline is pretty standard for an RPG, and the characters are all archetypes for the most part, but I found myself giddy over the romance portion, and squeeing when I finally reached my ship’s kiss scene. The character I wanted to romance is only available if you’re a guy, so I might have to replay the game so I can date him. Reminds me of a story I saw on CartoonPorno (, I’d recommend checking it out!

This game is also on sale on Steam. 50% off, at $10 until Dec. 1st 🙂

Webcomic – Their Story by Tan Jiu, translated by Yaoi-BLCD (Read Here)

theirstory1This is a ridiculously cute comic about two girls in like. It’s hilarious, and adorable, and you just really need to be reading it right now.

It updates sporadically as the creator makes more and the translators get it into English. I’ve been following it all year, and each update is never enough. I need more. So much more. These two are precious.

I’m adding it to this months’ Stories though because finally… finally, after a yeartheirstory2 of reading, one of them confessed their feelings. And I am a giant squealing fangirl of where is the next update.

Please join me in cute-girls-in-like fangirl hell. Start reading here, and hit the small “next” to go to each new update.


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