Giftmas, Books, and Addictive Kitty Apps!

giftmas_350x350I have a couple of quick things to share! First of all, I’m participating in a Giftmas Blog Tour to celebrate the holidays. 🙂 I’ll be hosting two posts on my blog and be posting twice on others’. If you read the posts and follow along, you have the change to win a TON of awesome books from the people participating, including some thrown in by yours truly.

Look out for those posts coming in December!

Also, the book I mentioned in my Stories I Love post for October – Second Hand by Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton – is on sale right now on Amazon for 99 cents. It’s character-driven m/m romance that is very well-written and I just really enjoyed it a lot, despite the redhead’s scary face on the cover.

… I want to tell you about this app. I might be…… more than slightly addicted to this app. And it’s the greatest app to be addicted to because it doesn’t involve a lot of your time. It’s called Neko Atsume, or “Kitty Collector.” The entire game takes place in a cartoon yard. You put out toys and games, and stray cats in the area come to play there. You can take their pictukittiesres and collect their profiles in a “catbook.” Aaaand that’s the entire game. It’s free to download in the google or apple app store. Clearly you need it. 😛

AAAAAND finally…

In case you’re wondering what’s up with me and my life right now… I am currently working hard on four awesome projects. One of which is Vitality (because I am always working on Vitality) but the other three have yet to be announced. All three are writing-based, and I should have more information for you on all three of those…. by the end of December/early January.

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